About Katakamuna: (カタカムナとは )

Katakamuna is said to be the name of a high civilization that flourished in Japan before the Jomon period.  

The letters consist of 48 alphabets. Each letter was created to express the wisdom of the universe and the world’s origins in sound and form also each with a thought (meaning).  

The “Katakamuna Utahi,” which is made up of about 80 spiral-shaped symbols, is said to transmit the essence of the universe and the source of life.  

It is also said that these characters are the origin of the Japanese language used today. 

Thrive with KAMIGOTO wisdom.  古代の叡智が“今を生き抜くチカラ”になる

The Gods (Kami) inhabit everything in nature.  

We, the Japanese, called it as “Yaoyorozu no Kami” (“Eight Million Gods”)  

It shows how familiar they have been in the daily lives of people in Japan.  

After a long passage of time, the idea of it inherits among us rather than the terms of worship the nature. 

Simply appreciate a miracle of living a healthy and peaceful life.  

The idea has been passed down from generations in the very bottom of our heart. 

One example of daily deeds is like saying Grace before and after meal, we put our hands together and say,  

“ITADAKIMASU and GOCHISOUSAMA”. meaning “Thank you for this precious life and food.” 

Expressing gratitude to all the living gods. 

Mind and Spirit of Yaoyorozu inate hart of pepole in Japan. 

 Everything begins in the invisible world.  <すべては目に見えない世界から始まっている >

While being thankful for the blessings of nature, we see things without seeing it.  

By feeling and appreciating things as they are. From there we see the world a new perspective.  

KAMIGOTO:the GODS Matter. 

Kamigoto souls are forged in the form of Kamigoto jewelry. 

The jewelry is designed in the Katakamuna script, what was created by the ancient Katakamuna civilization that is believed to have flourished in Japan long time before. 

These characters are said to be the origin of the Japanese language and have been handed down in the form of “sound and shape” to convey the wisdom of the universe (KAMIGOTO).  

Motifs :  

The three sacred objects are the following.  

  • Yata no Kagami.             Holy mirror. 
  • Amenomura kumono tsurugi.  Sacred sword.  
  • Yasakani no Magatama.       Precious jewel. 

The motifs appeared in Japanese mythology and said to be handed down in the Emperor to this day. 

Wearing the “Three Sacred Treasures” together gives you the confidence that overflows from the powerful underlying strength in your essence, the “power to live out your current situation”. 

The Three Sacred Treasures


Japan had Mysterious and Unique letters that describe all matter in nature since ancient times.

we call it KATAKAMUNA. 


The creation and laws of the universe consist in it, (The Three Sacred Treasures)


We have been believed since ancient times that gods dwell in all objets and matters,
KATAKAMUNA was told to belive that preserve these myth and the laws of natuer for future generations.



The Three Sacred Treasures,  the embodiment of symbol in the art of life. 


We have used the mystical characters to create precious items to be worn as an one and only jewelry.